Top Photography Workshops You Can Attend

To become a good photographer, just taking more and more photos isn’t enough. You need to attend formal classes to learn about photography techniques and know how to use the camera well.

Apart from the formal education, you can also attend various photography workshops that take place around the world every year. Here are some of the top photography workshops that you can attend.

National Photographic Adventures

The main person arranging this workshop is the veteran photographer, Kevin Vandivier. He has received multiple awards for his photography related to landscape, people, and wildlife. His work has been showcased in the top galleries and photography magazines. He teaches from his experience on composition, framing, lighting, and other topics.

During the workshop, he will demonstrate to you how to take good photographs and will give feedback on your work. The photographs you take will be published in the National Geographic Magazine. You will be travelling around the U.S in places like Monument Valley, Glacier National Park, and Grand Teton National Park. You will also be travelling to Iceland.

Creative Photo Academy Africa Cultural Safari

Creative Photo Academy is a well-known name for photography education. They also arrange workshops for aspiring photographers. They have internationally recognised photographers in their team who conduct workshops besides the regular photography classes.

You will go to Tanzania to take spectacular photographs of the landscape and wildlife there. The guides will teach you about the native culture, animals, and their behaviours, and more. You will see amazing wildlife during this workshop.

ColorTexturePhoto Tours Colors of Costa Rica Tours

Costa Rica has beautiful landscapes, flowers, and wildlife and it’s any photographer’s dream place. If you take part in this workshop, you will get the chance to explore the beautiful landscape of Costa Rica which includes waterfalls and national parks.

Barefoot Contessa Photo Adventures

This workshop is carried out by renowned photographers whose works have been published in popular magazines like Vogue, Time, National Geographic, and others. Through this workshop, you will learn how to think outside the box.

You will learn how to take shots that will capture a long-lasting memory. You will be touring in various locations including Maine Coast, Venice, and other places.

Joining these workshops is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn from an expert and also publish your work on a great platform. You will eventually become a better photographer.