Photography is a hobby for some people but it’s also a profession for many others. Today, people are considering photography as a prestigious career. There is a lot of scope in this field. To become a photographer, you need to have good knowledge about various topics including the various camera functions.

There are different technical aspects of photography that you need to master. You should read books and magazines on photography to learn the latest news and trends in this field. Here are some books that photographers must-read.

The Digital Photography Book: Part 1

By – Scott Kelby

It is a best-selling book on digital photography. You can find it in various languages. You will find everything about digital photography here. So, if you have started your journey as a photographer, you must read this book. The book also has a second part which is recommended for reading as well.

Complete Digital Photography

By – Ben Long

If you want to know in detail about digital photography, then this book is for you. You will learn all the basics of photography from this book. The book includes topics such as the mechanics of a camera, post-processing tips, and more. You will learn about the technical aspect and the art of photography.

Complete Guide to Digital Photography

By – Ian Farrell

This is a comprehensive guide on digital photography. Here topics like shooting, post-production, and printing are covered. By reading this book, you will learn the theory and also technical skills that are necessary to become a good photographer. There is a chapter dedicated to buying the right digital camera for your photography.

Langford’s Basic Photography: The guide for serious photographers

By – Michael Langford

If you want to become a professional photographer, then you must read this book. The book will help you to choose the best camera and other accessories for your photography journey.

You will get suggestions on lighting, exposure, and other aspects of photography. You will learn how to edit the pictures and print them. After reading the book, you can start making money from photography.

These books will inspire you to become a good photographer and you will learn a lot from the books. The books are highly recommended for photographers.